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Today’s world is very different from the older one. This is luxurious world in which all are living comfortably using the modern technologies. We are also among them. But besides of this world, there some other world also exists, where people live away from these technologies in the fist of Nature. TOM OAR is among these people. Get know about the Tom Oar wife and family facts here in this post.

tom oar wife

Who is Tom Oar?

He took his first breath in IIIinois , a part of United States. Chike oar was his father, who worked for Wild West show for earnings. Tom is of white ethnicity. He has an amazing height, which makes him attractive. Tom has a keen interest in history, and he always used to think about past things. Tom started his professional life on the rodeo circuit. But unfortunately, this job badly affected his health and the outcome of this job was very worst as his legs were permanently affected. After that he used to work as a tanner. But he became highlighted after being a part of a series MOUTAIN MEN which is broadcast on history channel along with Eustace Conway and Morgan Beasley. This is series which shows the life of American people who decided to live as true American originals away from the modern world.

Tom Oar Wife Nancy Oar

Nancy Oar is the better half of Tom. They both are happily married couple and live their life together for more than forty years. They first met when Tom was a broncho driver. Earlier they used to live in North IIIinois but after some time they shifted to Troy. Apart of that they both lived in a house which is hand- made for about five years from where they both switched off to Montana. According to an interview it has been said that they both lived in Montana for about seventeen years away from the technology world, full nuclear and without electricity and water. It is really very difficult to survive in the today’s world without electricity. Today they both are living in a Montana’s yaak valley. They both live isolated as they were living earlier. They used to utilize the natural things which are provided by nature to them.

Tom Oar Net Worth

He now became a famous personality so his net worth is also according to his profession. According to a survey, he has an approximately net worth of dollar two thousand. His series Mountain Men play a indispensable role in increasing his net worth. Along with the series, he also got his income through tanning animal hides. His net worth is approximately four thousand dollar from tanning.

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