Tariq Nasheed Wife, Married to Peanut Nasheed, Gay, Net Worth

One of the well known personalities who leave his marks in the world of entertainment, Tariq Nasheed. He is also remember as Tariq Elite, King Flex and K-Flex. This celebrity took his first breath on July 01, 1974 in the city Detroit. Later on, his parents moved to Los Angeles. And as a result he lived his childhood in Los Angeles. He was very confident that he had to make his career in the filmy world. Read on for Tariq Nasheed wife and family details here in this post.

Early Life and Education

He move towards his dreams and got his education from Yale University. In this way, he became an American native. He also travelled around the world to analyze the different cultures and customs. He has a very attracting physique. He is a man having a height of six feet and five inches. He has that kind of personality which every young person has a fond of.

tariq nasheed wife

Career and Occupation

His career belongs to different fields. At one time he is an author but at the pother time he works as a documentary film producer. At one time he gets his salary in internet radio host but he also gets his salary as a social commentator. Hence, we can easily analyze that this man is a multi- tasking personality.

As an author he put many books in the market such as The Elite Way, The Mack Within, and The Art of Mackin. This book shows the way of dating and finding women. Besides of these books he also writes two another books which are a having advice for female readers. These books are Play or Be Played.

Dating and Relationships

As we know well that he is a social commentator and his quotes are very motivational. He speaks about race relations, intimate relationships, U.S politics and campaign finance.

Being a documentary film producer, he produced a film Hidden Colors in the year 2011, which was a huge boost up for his career. He got very famous after the film. And the people loved the film very much. After that he also produced the second version of the film in the following year that is 2012, Hidden Colors 2. In year 2013, he released a horror movie named as Dark Medicine. This the movie which he wrote himself and directed it as well.

Hidden documentary movie became so much famous that he produced the third and fourth version year after the year. In 2017 his latest documentary based on the history of Haiti 1804 is going to be released soon.

Tariq Nasheed Wife

Peanut Nasheed is his better half. He got married with his long time girlfriend Peanut in the year 2014. She is a former American model by profession. They both were dating each other since 7 years. They took their relationship to the next level and they both became one in 2014. In present day, they both are blessed with three sons and spent their lives happily.

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