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It has been said that, in today’s world women show their talent in every field either it is the film industry or politics. They are equal to men in today’s society. It has been said that the street racer is made only for men. But Precious Cooper, women of an age 27 proved it wrong. She made herself successful in this field. Belonging to a poor family, but with her courage and determination she changed her life forever. She was born in Osceola. She has a family of four members her father Ricky Cooper, her mother Sara Cooper and she has a younger sister name as Chelsea Cooper. Precious Cooper had grabbed the attention through the live street racing show on Discovery channel named Street Outlaws. Precious is seen with the Big Chief on street racing show. So read about Precious Cooper husband and family here.

precious cooper husband

Her Journey to Street Racing

She belongs to a family of roofers. Her family conditions were poor, but they always happy and there were love all around her family. Her family background also belongs to street racer. And thus she followed the same profession. She was fond of cars and she always desire of cars. When she was of age 19, she always went with JJ to Memphis to watch him and also the muscle cars scene. She always has a fantasy with the street racing scene. But she was always afraid and shy. Finally, one day she gathered all his courage and she told to JJ that she also wanted to drive.

Life and Learning

JJ was ready to teach her all basics. She took one year to get all the knowledge about the street car. She would check her tire pressure, put his charger on his car, learned how to strap the cars down to the trailers etc. she do all the things to prove her genuine love towards the game.

At last JJ decided to give new wings to her talent. He prepared her for bracket race for one year. When she was ready, he putted her on the street race in an old car known as PUDDLE JUMPER. And she just did the same what he was expecting from her and she put the Memphis streets in her grip. She is a simple woman who wants to do what she loves.

Precious Cooper Husband

And after that the success touches her feet, when she defeated Chuck. No one was expecting that Chuck would get bad result at last. But it was true; the young lady proved herself and let the society to change their mind that only men can do the street race. She was giving a tough competition to Chuck and went toe- to- toe with Chuck in the Memphis Street. Even the guy could not control himself and congratulated her for her great victory. She is a very talented girl, who came from poor family but with a high determination and with a thought to do something. Not very much known about her personal life as she always keep her lips close when anyone asked for her private life. You can also find her on the Instagram social account.

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