Ricky Faze Banks Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Alissa Violet’s Boyfriend 2017

Alissa Violet might have engaged to the new boyfriend after the split with Jake Paul. The YouTube star Alissa Violet is busy with new guy of same field in her personal life. The new guy is no other than the YouTube star Ricky “FaZe” Banks. The pair looks perfect and quite happy these days. Their close relationship can be seen from their Instagram photos. The two stars enjoy spending time together. If it continues, then they may turn into happy couple. The pictures showed Violet kissing at Electric Daisy Carnival in June 2017. Sources confirmed that Violet and Banks are serious this time. Even Violet tweeted on his account the line “Alissa Violet Marie Banks”. One can easily conclude the meaning of the lines. Ricky Banks is 25-years old who was born in United States. So, friends let’s read Alissa’s boyfriend Faze Banks wiki and worth facts.

faze banks wiki

Faze Banks Wiki

Ricky “Faze” Banks runs his own YouTube channel which is very popular among the gaming geeks. FaZeClan is the well known gaming group of popular Call of Duty series. The channel was started back in September 2011 under the name BanksHasBank which changed later to FaZe Banks. Alissa’s new boyfriend romance is popular on the social media as he shares the romantic pictures to fans. The main source of the attention to their romance is online social sites. Ricky’s YouTube channel has more than over 1.7 million subscribers. The young YouTube star gained large number of followers in little time. He is also a vlogger, songwriter and composer. He made his successful career in online media business. Faze Banks has huge interest into the gaming and gadgets. Violet and Banks are spending lot of time together these days.

Dating and Relationship

Faze Banks started dating Alissa in 2017 and due to it he got good attention from online audiences. He hails from the Miami, Florida. Violet was previously dating with Jake Paul but they separated in February 2017. She took no long time in choosing the new man for his life. She is now in better position after overcoming from lot of stress and tensions in old relationship. One of the most popular video of Banks is “Crashing FaZe Temperrrs Car!”. The YouTube star is on the way towards success in life. He is also very happy with his new girlfriend and perhaps thinking to spend life with her. Let’s have a look on his worth and income from YouTube videos.

Faze Banks Net Worth

Fans are obviously very curious to know YouTube star Faze’s total worth and income collected from online videos. He is not a very big star as of now but working hard to make his own position. There are no facts known about his old relationship. He is highly motivated since Alissa came into his life. Currently, Faze Banks’ net worth is not calculated yet but his source of income is through online videos. Alissa also moved forward in his life and doing great job in professional life. We hope that two will always look happy together.

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