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Do you know who Kidd Creole is? If not then this is the worth post read and get know about him. Kidd Creole is the rapper who was in fame in 1980s. He was known among widely among the fans due to the bands at that time. He was member of the Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. We are talking about him because on August 1, 2017 he was arrested in case of murder. Yes, you read it right. The rapper who lived his dream life in past is in trouble now. He was arrested due to the case against murder charges. Kidd is making the news now because peoples want to know his background and life. The investigations are going on in this matter and reports will soon made public. You can know here that what exactly happened. Find here rapper Kidd Creole wiki and case details in this post.

kidd creole wiki

The Whole Case

Actually the rapper name is Nathaniel Glover but known under the stage name Kidd Creole. He rose to fame when part of the Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five band. He had charges killing the homeless man in the street in New York. The 55-years old killed man name is John Jolly. Reports claim that he died due to stabbing.

The concerned authority is investigating the whole case and also trying to figure out the truth and evidence. The motive is not cleared yet but eye-watchers informed the police about incident as they found multiple stabbing points. The incident took place on East 44 St. & 3rd Avenue. John Jolly taken to the hospital but it was too late as he died. The rap.per was working as the security guard at nearby place. As per reports, he used small knife and attacked victim on chest.

About Kidd Creole Wiki

He hails from Bronx as his birth place with actual name Nathaniel Glover. The band Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five consisted of members Melle Mel, Grandmaster Flash, Keith Cowboy, Rahiem and Mr. Ness/Scorpio. Kidd was also part of it in the late ’70s.The group quickly gained popularity through their performances at concerts, parties and shows. They signed the contract with Sugar Hill Records and released “Freedom” under the label. A total 50,000 copies of song sold in short time. Later the group gave more hit songs which were liked by the fans. The group’s last performance was held in 1987 but it not gone successful.

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