Preston Roberts Net Worth, Wife, Wiki, Died Mountain Men Star

Mountain Men is the reality TV series about the legends men living a tough life in the mountains. The show premiered on the History Channel TV and Preston Roberts was one of them. He worked on Turtle Island Preserve with the Eustace Conway. Preston Roberts was the good friend of him and also married. Roberts is best known for his role on the show “Mountain Men”. But he died due to the cause of cancer and complications in liver. The news was shocking for the fans and mainly for the Eustace Conway. The announcement was made on the Facebook. The “Mountain Men” lives into the wilderness of mountains with no modern equipments and facilities. In the recent season of show, Roberts and Conway worked together in Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Here let’s know about the Preston Roberts net worth and his past life on the show.

preston roberts net worth

Career and Life

He met to Conway in 1982 and within a short time they just became good friends. According to his bio, he was expertise into the field of making knifes, fishing and hunting. His skills were quite impressive which led him to enter the History channel TV show. He made a knife in one of the episode of the Mountain Men from circular sawmill blade. He called such knifes as “Woodsman” series of knives. He carried the different knifes of the series in earlier episodes. He used to appear in small roles to help Eustace in various tasks. Preston was born on July 17, 1957 and was a wonderful environmentalist, woodsman and artist.

He took his last breathe on Monday July 24, 2017. He was being survived by his beloved wife and children. He was a family-loving person while Eustace is still single and miles away from any relationship. Even he was a very good mentor and teacher who can teach on variety of environmental subjects.

Married Life and Children

He loved his wife very much and found saying “beside every good man is a good woman”. She was her dream woman whom he met in 1975. Kathleen DuPont McGuire was the first and last life partner till Robert’s death. They lived in a small log cabin located in East Fork River and also in eastern North Dakota’s research station. The couple together raised 3 children and celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in 2015. He earned the degree in Art Education at Appalachian State University. He is also the inspiration of the book Liz Gilbert’s book, “The Last American Man.” He mainly worked on the Turtle Island in his life.

Preston Roberts Net Worth

The Preston Roberts total net worth information is not calculated yet. Right now there are no reliable reports available related to his worth. He made the several TV appearances on the History TV show “Mountain Men” with Eustace Conway. His worth is accumulated from the job on Turtle Island Preserve and History TV show. He was also a very well-skilled craftsmen who designed great blades knifes in the different episodes of show. The show cast obviously lost one of the gems of the team.


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