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BBC antiques has always been the leitmotif of deliberation among the vintage seekers. He is one of the most prominent television show emcee, and also a great personality for the antiques aficionado. He is well remembered for the great auctions which he performs. Also the meticulous approach of his, regarding the antiques is one of a kind. Let’s have a look in this post about the Paul Laidlaw wiki, age, life and net worth here in this post.

Paul Laidlaw Bio and Life

Paul Laidlaw was born in Edinburg, Texas, United Kingdom. He was enthusiastic for antiques since his early life. Paul had keen interest in his early scholastic life. He opted for studying science as a higher education subject in the university. Nevertheless, enthusiastic Paul always had time to devote towards his antiques engrossment.

H&H auction rooms of Carlisle, in those days had well acknowledged the interest of Paul in those days. Paul accepted the proposal and joined in 2002. But after 10 years, in 2012 he left the same for launching the antiques business.

His early life was full of up’s and down’s. He made guest appearances in various shows like ‘antiques Roadtrip’, ‘fog it’. His appreciation is not an income of a day’s worth, instead is of his hard earned experience. The upshot of which is easily perceptible to all.

Marriage and Personal Life

It seems that Paul Laidlaw is a well family oriented man. He has been married happily to MRS Maureen Laidlaw. Being a family concerned man Paul Laidlaw has much of his attention towards his family. He consumes time with his family. Paul Laidlaw and Maureen Laidlaw have 3 kids all together. They have twin sons, as well as a daughter. He personally discloses that he also has a passion of spending time with his family and children. Also he apprises that he loves spending his time in the kitchen, at home cooking meals for his beloved family. He also admits that he is a great foodie and is passionate about eating and food.

BBC Career and Television

It is rightly said that where there is a will, there is a way. And the same is proved with the story of Paul Laidlaw. Paul was working with H&H auction rooms since 2006. In the year 2006, while he was hitherto working with the auction room, he had commenced making patron appearances in the shows ‘bargain hunts’ and also the road shows held. He was quite recognizable personality, really soon because of the mammoth knowledge about the arms, ammunition and the antiques as well.

The talk over here is not just of a mere theory; it also shows a positive result in every step which Paul takes. His auctions are way more successful than any other and relinquish great results.

Net Worth

Having an enormous list of assets, Paul has a great list of costly assets. After 10 years of working in H&H auctioneers, he had embarked his own ‘LAIDLAW AUCTIONERS’. The store officially opened in 2014 and started doing well. He had commenced the store after a great probe and thus, is triumphant.

Paul aims at creating a vivid atmosphere for the auction industry and fabricates a digital emanation for the auctioneer fanatics.

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