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Oskar Fischinger Wiki, Age, Google Doodle Celebrates his Birthday

Oskar Fischinger was a well known filmmaker and painter who was born on 22 June 1900. He is of German-American nationality who credited for the notable musical animation creation. So, why are talking about this famous personality. The Artist is honored by the Google Doodle on his birthday anniversary. The world should know about this artist who created special effects in 1929 Woman In the Moon. The man created the graphics for the animated films before the computer graphics. His birthday falls on the June 22 and today is his 117th birthday anniversary. His story and creation is inspiring so that Google celebrating his birthday through visual creations. Oskar Fischinger was born in Germany but later moved to America. His many projects and films received respect titles in the country. So, let’s read in this post about the Oskar Fischinger wiki facts here.

oskar fischinger wiki

Oskar Fischinger Wiki

Name: Oskar Wilhelm Fischinger
Age: 66 years
Birth date: 22 June 1900
Birth Place: Gelnhausen, German Empire
Occupation: Filmmaker, Animator and Paintor
Died: 31 January 1967
Nationality: German-American
Wife: Elfriede Fischinger
Children: Five

His life and creation

He came to know about his skills when moved to Frankfurt and involved in abstract art. For the better condition, he visited to Berlin. He rescued from the war combat entry because of unhealthy body. In Berlin, he started his career as setup the new studio and soon became popular in the era of cartoons and graphic films. His creation was in demand that time. Soon after the Nazi Party came into power then he moved to America through a deal offered by Paramount. His new journey began here as he started experimenting with 3-D materials and colored liquids. Oskar Fischinger was inspired by the Walter Ruttmann. He worked with him and made abstract shots which today known as Wax Experiments. He came to fame after creating special effects for Women on the Moon (1929).

Personal Life

He was married in 1932 to Elfriede Fischinger . His wife was with him till his death. Fischinger visited to the trade school and studied Engineer’s Diploma. He used to work as an apprentice. He received the weekly salary of $250 at office of Paramount. Oskar also made the color version of his own film Radio Dynamics after buying it from Paramount. His arrival into the Hollywood industry was full of difficulties. But through his skills and creativity, the man created made his own place in the industry.

Inventor of Lumigraph

He also invented a visual instrument in the late 1940s. The instrument was used in the movie “The Time Travelers”. His daughter man is Barbara who performed with the Lumigraph in United States. Fischinger died in 1967 in Los Angeles due to the cause of the heart attack. His notable work can be seen in the many hit movies of cinema.

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