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Do you wanna know about Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya? She is the attorney who works with the co-operation of Russian Government. She met with the Donald Trump Jr. during the elections 2016 and offered to reveal about Clinton during campaign. She met lat year and told to reveal the information related to Hillary Clinton. According to reports, she was in the U.S. for a case related to fraud scheme of Russian businessman. It was being monitored by the U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara at that time. On June 09, 2016 she met with the Trump campaign team and discussed to reveal some information against opposition leader. Veselnitskaya is also said to be having connections with Putin and Kremlin. Well, the meeting indicated that help being taken by Russia during the elections. So, who is this Russian attorney? Here get all details about Natalia Veselnitskaya wiki and career facts in this post which you willing to know.

natalia Veselnitskaya wiki

Natalia Veselnitskaya Wiki

Natalie graduated in 1998 from Moscow State Law Academy after completing her education in field of law. She works at the Kamerton Konsalting which is a legal services firm in Khimki, Russia. Her exact birth date is not known but she may be 33 years old. Well, her meeting with Trump campaign team was short but raised many doubts. She was in opposition to the Magnitsky Act which blacklisted abusers of Russian human rights. Natalia’s client mainly includes the Russian businessman. One of them is Dennis Katsyv who is the owner of Prevezon Holdings firm while Dennis’s father is the vice president of Russian railways. He also served his duties for the Moscow government.

During the elections 2016

It was told in media during elections 2016 that Veselnitskaya having the suitable info related Russians funding. But later agenda was cleared and she failed to provide the useful information. Her statements were not cleared and made no sense in media. Veselnitskaya is known for opposing the Magnitsky Act. She led many campaigns actively but remained unsuccessful towards his target. She was also the part of an anti-Magnitsky film which premiered in 2016.

New Latest Update

She posted the Facebook post related to the Obama’s administration and Women’s march. Her anti-Obama stand made clear she is having interest into the American politics. She also expressed her hope in new government for fight against Magnitsky Act. Natalie also defended Trump’s administration and orders after slamming US Attorney General Sally Yates. According to the Magnitsky Act, American citizens are restricted to adopt the Russian children. The film premiered is based on the many true facts with provided by the attorney Natalie.

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