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Social sites such as YouTube became the platform of many successful persons whether it is a rapper, sensational star or talented artist. YouTube allowed everyone to show their talents and reach to worldwide audience. Now days, it is becoming the source of many artists who have hidden talent behind them. Lil Pump is one such artist among them. He became popular through his rapping. The young artist Lil pump was born on August 17, 2000. Yes, the guy is very young and cool. Being an American rapper, he got name and fame at very young age of just 16. His origin is from Miami, Florida. It’s really a strange thing, that in his childhood he was not having a keen interest in music. But one incident in his early life gave his life a new direction in the field of music. When he was in a ninth standard, he was through from the school because he fought with another student. After being expel from the school, he gave his full attention towards the music. So, get all juicy details about Lil Pump age and music career here.

lil pump age

His Music Life

Pump has already decided that he has to leave his sparks in the field of music. At this stage of life, he was inspired by 19 year old rapper Smoke Purpp as he told in an interview. He was very thankful to Purpp to being with him in the initiation of his music career. They both worked together on their music album “JOHNNY”. As expected, the album got a big hit. After that he leaned forward towards the success. He produced many such track and his tracks got a millions of views. He made PUMP in which Purpp threw a beat.

Lil Pump Real Name

Well, it is odd to tell you that never revealed his real name and secret behind his stage name. When he released the track, the track got six million views. It was incredible for him that this album made him famous. He become the hero many fans. After that he gave hits one another one. His songs such as Elemetary and Get received millions hits in just less than one week. His songs were featured on sound cloud. His latest track BOSS has 2.11 million plays just within a week. His success can be revealed by the fact by the fact that he received the attention of Lil Uzi Vert, when he mentioned about Pump on twitter. He is the teen rising star of today’s world. Many want to sign him by seeing his gaining popularity. He has not released any mix tape.

Earnings and Net Worth

He has an attractive height of five feet and seven inches. He has a craze of tattoos and this fact can be revealed as he has multiple tattoos on his body with 5 flaming skulls on his neck. His estimated net worth is about $ 100 thousand. In some posts, it has been seen that he is holding his gossip collection or wards of cash. Many fans think that Lil Pump is the future star of the rap music world.

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