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The new name of the accuser of the Harvey Weinstein is now revealed. The number of women is adding into the list of Weinstein sexual assault. This time English actress came forward and accused Weinstein brothers for the assault. She filed the lawsuit against the Weinstein brothers: Bob and Harvey. The Weinstein Company is now suspected for the sex trafficking. Who is is the Kadian Noble? In the last few months, Hollywood popular names facing accusations from former models and actress. The trend is still continued and another English actress complained the same. It is still not disclosed that what actually happened between the Harvey Weinstein and Kadian Noble. The actress filed the lawsuit in New York on Monday according to the sources. Her allegations are quite serious and may increase the trouble for Weinstein brothers. Keep reading to know the Kadian Noble wiki facts here in the post.

kadian noble wiki

Bio Details

Name: Kadian Noble
Age: 30 years
Birth Date: Not Known
Birth Place: England
Nationality: British
Married: Yes
Daughter: Tiara
Mother: Jean Kelley
Net Worth: NA

Kadian Noble Wiki

You might be wondering that who is this English actress Kadian Noble and when she met Harvey Weinstein. She is known for his acting job into the Riot on Redchurch Street (2012). The actress hails from the London, England and grew up in the Birmingham. At the age of the eleven, her family moved to the Jamaica. Her interest into the acting emerged in the young age. According to the sources, she is about 30 years old and played the supporting role in the movie Riot on Redchurch Street. She is the founder of the Elizabeth & Noble. Kadian is of the British nationality. She is into the media because she filed the lawsuit against the Harvey Brothers and company for the sex trafficking laws. She stated that the company violated the law. She first met with Harvery Weinstein at the Cannes Film festival in 2014.

Career and Life

She has a one daughter named Tiara. Harvey promised her the role into the next movie. According to the suits, they first met in London his Cannes hotel room for discussing the opportunity and role potential. There he behaved in an inappropriate manner on behalf of the audiences. She said that Weinstein groped her in the bathroom and assaulted. He even forced her to masturburate and she even faced some injuries. The narrated the whole incident into the lawsuit. The comments from the Weinstein’s brothers are yet to come. But this going to increase the problem in their life. The disgraced producer is still away from the media.

Interesting Facts

She seems to be not active on the social media site else she made it private to keep away from the public and media. There is an Instagram account on his name but seems to be unofficial. The account containing some of the BAFTA’s 20117 pictures and with the singer Harry Styles. After the new allegations, Harvey already resigned from the Directors Guild of America. He gave no official statements yet and even not came to the public in oppose of the new allegations. Many are also questioning that why the actress taken long time to file law suit against the company.

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