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Israel Del Toro Wiki, Before Injury, Pat Tillman Award, Life

Today Pat Tillman Award will be honored to the Israel Del Toro at the 25th ESPYS. It is to award the best athletes of all time and Israel Del Toro is one of them. This is the story of the Air Force veteran before his injury. Who is Air Force sergeant Israel Del Toro? He is a college dropout and served into the military for helping his family. He was offered full scholarship to University of Illinois. But he moved to take care of their three siblings. He grew up in the south side of Chicago. His past life was full of struggle because he had no parents in his childhood. The mother was killed while father died due to heart attack. He is going to receive the Pat Tillman Award accompanied by his son and wife. So, read here to know Israel Del Toro wiki and before injury facts.

israel del toro wiki

Israel Del Toro Wiki

His wife belongs to Mexico whose name is Carmen Del Toro. They have one child together who is also known by same name. Cameron told in an interview that she is angry with his job because he is long away from his family. Del Toro injured in 2005 in Afghanistan from bomb explode. He told his story that his whole body wrapped in fire. He thought that he would never see his wife and son again in life. He lost the fingers of his hand in the injury and most than 50% of his body suffered from burn. He was in the coma after the accident for three months. Doctors even told that he will never walk again and a chance of his survival is low. But his love for life helped him to recover fast from the tragedy.

His Injury

He underwent many surgeries and operations. He told that he wished to die when saw he face first time after injury. Even Del Toro was also had breathing problems. His recovery is no other than miracle. He even took participate into many sports activities and game. At the Invictus Games, he won the Gold medal award. The event was organized by the Prince Harris for such servicemen. In 2014, Del Toro won the silver medal in powerlifting. In the event more than 500 athletes participated from different regions. Last year, Toro was promoted as the master sergeant and he works as terminal attack controller instructor. His story is really inspiring for others who lost faith in life.

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