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Are you a football fan then probably heard about the Inky Johnson who had desire to become a sportsman. He was born on February 12, 1986 in Atlanta, Georgia. He loved playing football since the college time and soon will be picked by NFL. So, what obstacle came in path of his dream? He met with an injury in a tragedy that affected the player’s career. His story is inspiring and related with NFL draft pick of young player. He hails from a small town where he lived with his grandfather. He knew how to survive in a non-stabilized surrounding because drugs or violence was common in area where he lived. His family migrated many times Kirkwood for the good life. But he still has roots to the land. Read on to know unknown facts about Inky Johnson wiki and family. Also what is Inky’s net worth?

inky johnson wiki

His Career beginning

He played against the Gamecocks after wearing his special Jersey No.29 in 2006. The skills exposed in game and he selected as captain. Inky was on the way of his dream to becoming a great sportsman. Inky attended the University of Tennessee and earned Master’s degree in Sports Psychology. He was making himself professionally ready for football game. During schooling, he had chosen as the captain for his team. But unfortunately his right shoulder got thrust in the game against Air Force in 2006. He felt to the ground and felt no senses in his body. This was the sign about the never damage. The players saw Johnson’s eye was flopping which indicates some nerve issue. He was immediately taken for treatment where doctor performed many tests and scans. Johnson was unable to move his hand with no senses.

What tragedy happened?

There was a bad news when doctor check him because he had serious damaged his hand nerves. He can’t play anymore on the field. The doctors operated some complex surgeries to protect the other nerves. Johnson was provided the options on table available for his hand. This is how Inky Johnson’s NFL dream comes to an end. He took the retirement when announced that he can’t play anymore. He behaved strongly in the situation and decided to become a motivator to help others in remaining life. He also published his autobiography titled An Amazing Story of Faith and Perseverance. Inky’s speeches are very motivational and talks about the faith in life.

Inky Johnson Net Worth

Inky’s wife name is Allison and the couple has two children: Inky Jr. and Jada. He is a mentor to many kids who need help. After overcome from tragedy, he is now enjoying the life with family Atlanta. He learned the lesson of life from the tragedy and now helping others. Sometimes unfortunate things happen in life but never loose faith and trust in life.  Ink’s net worth is not known yet but he is a successful motivator in his life. The inspirational speaker lives in Georgia and shares his life experience to others. We hope that he will keep doing this great job.

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