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Ines Rau Wiki, Bio, Age, Surgery, Transgender and Playboy Photos

There has been lot of talks into the magazine world after the death of Hugh Hefner in September. The magazine playboy always created an image and perception into the society of sex and women’s image. The magazine worked on this parameter since long time. But now it seems that Playboy is set to change the society’s perception and image. The Playboy magazine named the first-ever openly transgender Playmate. So, meet Ines Rau who is the 26-year-old French model. Rau is of the North African descent. The gorgeous transgender model is in the spotlight since after its surgery. She was inspired by the English model “Tula” who was seen in the James Bond movie. She is from the New York and has over 240,000 Instagram followers. You can also enjoy the cover pictures of the Ines on the Playboy magazine. Keep reading to know Ines Rau wiki, age and biography facts here.

ines rau wiki

Ines Rau Wiki

This is not the first time when any transgender posing for any magazine but getting the official playmate title first time. It might be the first step to change the perception of the society. The Playboy magazine is shifting its epicenter from reserved models to transgender models. Even Ines Rau performed before in the Playboy magazine in 2014 for the cover “Evolution”. The pose gave the boost to her modeling career. Gender equality should be must into the society. To maintain the equal rights, big brands coming forward with such actions into the public to change the mindset of the society. The magazine “Evolution” featured the gender inequality in the society beyond the limits of male and female. Rau also said in an interview about her afraid to find a boyfriend. Rau was also afraid to tell the truth to society. Find about the Ines Rau life career here.

Model and Career as Transgender

Rau started her modeling career in 2014 when posed for the Playboy magazine. Ines Rau is one of the big names in the industry of transgender modeling industry. Rau’s nationality is French and hometown is located in the Paris. Ines is now making the Playboy history and she is the good friend of DJ David Guetta’s. Her interest into the modeling came at the age of 18. During the 1990s, Caroline Cossey was on the cover magazine but not get huge attention in the public. She also thanked founder Hugh Hefner for making the Trans visibility in the society.

Unknown Interesting Facts

She is making the history as titled to first Playboy’s transgender Playmate for November 2017. The information came on the Instagram account in the public. According to some sources, Rau was selected for the November’s Playmate by late founder Hugh Hufner personally. Hufner died at the age of the 91. Cossey thanked to him for allowing her to share the story with the society. Rau never felt comfortable as to present herself transgender in the society. The society is not open as it should be with the modern thoughts. Keep visiting for more latest and regular updates of popular celebrities.

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