Gypsy Blancharde Wiki, Boyfriend and Munchausen Syndrome Case

You might be interested to read the Gypsy Blancharde wiki and why her story is featured to Mommy Dead and Dearest. The whole incident and documentation revolves around the Dee Dee’s murder. The case documentary on HBO called Mommy Dead that tried to throw the light on the incident due to the Gypsy Blanchard. It is not easy to understand the depth meaning in documentary film. The show was live on the television on May 15, 2017 and it disclosed the many unknown facts of other side of coin. So let us start here and read who is Gypsy Blanchard and her life.

gypsy blancharde

Gypsy Blancharde Wiki

Name: Gypsy Blanchard
Birth Date: Not Known
Age: 25 years
Birth Place: USA
Boyfriend: Nicholas Godejohn
Documentary: Mommy Dead and Dearest
Mother: Dee Dee Blanchard

What is the whole Case and Story?

Gypsy is currently is imprisoned for 10 years for his hands involved in the murder of her mother. She is 25 years old and admitted her role in the incident. She stab her mother in home after the pre-planned arrangement with her online boyfriend named Nicholas Godejohn. She visited from Wisconsin to Springfield, Missouri for the mother’s murder plan. So, what is the reason behind it? Actually, Dee Dee Blanchard imprisoned her daughter and made her realize to believe ill. She went under the various treatment processes of the mental health. It was found that family has given the fraud scheme as in reality Gypsy Blanchard could walk without need of wheelchair. Later, Gypsy’s mother found stabbed in home. The police investigated the case and found Gypsy and her boyfriend in Wisconsin. They both got arrest in charge of murder after two days.

Dee Dee Blanchard’s Case

It was believed that Gypsy Blanchard was suffering from a psychiatric factitious disorder. It is a type of syndrome which affecting the disease of illness to grab the sympathy attention. It is said that her mother forcibly imprisoned her for years and made her to sit on the wheelchair.

Mommy Dead and Dearest Munchausen Syndrome: Gypsy had been a victim of the Munchausen syndrome by proxy. It was due to her mother as she was told that ill entire life. She was treated with various process which was actually not required.

HBO’s Documentary

The whole incident case and story is now converted to document by HBO called the Mommy Dead and Dearest. The show aired on May 15, 2017 showing the some uncovered facts of the story. The documentary is well made and covered the all truth things. Gypsy Blanchard admitted her role in the mother’s murder with boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn. The case was resolved in the 2016.

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