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A lots of allegations put on various high profile personalities since the election 2016. The links to russia probe was always a topic of confusion at the high level. This time George Papadopoulous is facing the same trouble situation. He is is the media spotlight because the man was election campaign adviser to the Trump. He confessed it in front of the FBI and also undisclosed the scheduled meetings which held between Russian during the election time. He was working to the campaign and was actively managing the 2016 election. George Papdpoulous revealed that the meeting held with Russia during the campaign. He also revealed some court documents which supposed to be sealed. Russian agreed to target Clinton during the campaign, he said. The Trump side seems to be in more trouble because Paul Manafort (former campaign manager) has charges against him of tax fraud. Get know George Papadopoulos wiki, age and net worth here in this post.

george papadopoulos wiki

George Papadopoulos Wiki

He was born in 1987 and served his duties in the election campaign for the Trump team. He came in trouble when charged of making false statements to the FBI. He rejected his connections with the Russian but later found guilty. He is an American foreign policy adviser by profession. He also having some charges against him for stolen emails of Clinton. He studied from the Niles West High School and completed the graduation from Universtiy of London. He specializes into the Bachelor of Arts in Political Arts & Government.According to his profile, he started his work as the research associate for the Huston Institute in 2011. The investigation panel team was under managed by the Senator Richard Burr who taken the responsibility of whole investigation report. He joined the Trump’s election campaign in 2016. Find more facts in next paragraph.

Papadopoulos and Trump’s Connection

The interesting part of the whole incident is that how it will affect the Trump’s image? Because his policy adviser is directly attached to the election campaign. He met with two Russians and also its government officials.

Net Worth and Salary

The net worth of George Papadopolos is not disclosed yet in the media. He is obviously getting the smart package for the election campaign 2016. He admitted his connections with the Russia and the meetings. He was supposed to have the links with the Russian officials. He was arrested due to the July 27, 2017 from the Washington Dulles Airport. He made the false statements to the FBI and lied about the Trump campaign. Few documents also made public after the allegations revealed into the media. Keep in touch for more latest news about the celebrity.

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