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This is the post about the Fadi Fawaz who is a Lebanese model and known as the George Michael boyfriend. He is in the hot topics because he was linked to Michael for several years. George Michael died on the December 25, 2016 at the 53 years of age. The fans will surely miss him and feeling sad after the loss of such a talent. He was popular in between the peoples for the solo songs and became a legend. His life was very complex and fans are curious to know the Fadi Fawaz role in his life. Not much information is known about him but it is rumored that he was the boyfriend of Michael at the death time. The linkage made him popular overnight after the death of the George Michael. Know about the Fadi Fawaz wikipedia and net worth information here.

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Who is Fadi Fawaz?

This is one of the curious questions in the minds of the fans. They are interested in knowing his relationship with the Michael. According to the reports, he started dating to singer Michael since 2011 and remains with him till the last time. He is also a model and celebrity hairstylist. He has lots of clients in the industry and belongs to Lebanon. Fadi Fawaz was born on May 24, 1973 in Lebanon and now 43 years old. It is sad news for the fans about the loss of great legend on the occasion. He was popular worldwide for the singing as solo artist who given many hits in his time.

What is Fadi Fawaz nationality?

He belongs to Lebanon. Michael never revealed about his relation with the Fawaz and used to keep in privately away from the media. They both spotted together many times on the special occasions. As per reports, Fadi Fawaz worked as the hair-stylist and related to the stars like Naomi Campbell, Emily Blunt and more. He met with the George Michael when suffered from serious case of pneumonia. It is really sad news for fans worldwide about the death due to cause of heart failure. He passed away in his home in Oxfordshire.

More Interesting facts

Fadi was the last boyfriend of the George Michael who spotted many times with him at special places.

He is an Australian-born celebrity hair stylist and having connection with celebrities.

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