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Eva Ekeblad was a scientist and agronomist. He is known for his contribution to the agricultural experiments. His discovery to make flour and alcohol from potatoes changed the scientific agricultural phase in world. She was from Sweden and born on 10 July 1724. The agronomist discovery made her the first female member of Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (1748). Well, we are discussing about her because today is Eva Ekeblad’s birth anniversary and Google Doodle is celebrating it through homepage. Her discovery about making flour and alcohol out of potatoes came to known in 1746. She received huge appreciation and love for this amazing job. Google created a Doodle to celebrate his 293rd birthday today in her honor. This is the way how Google want the new generation to read about the popular scientists on internet. Here read in detail about Eva Ekeblad biography facts in this post.

eva ekeblad biography

Eva Ekeblad Biography

For her discovery, she admitted to Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and held the title of first female scientist to join it. Potatoes weren’t considered suitable for eating before the discovery. They are just used for the consumption of animals. In 1658, potatoes were for the aristocracy in Sweden. So, it was tough to get them for the other purposes or experiment. Ekeblad heard about the use of potatoes in Germany for making alcoholic drinks. To perform the experiment, Ekeblad planted the potatoes and used it for the same purpose. In 1746, she found that this vegetable can be cooked for eating and also transform in form of flour. The discovery brought revolution and helped Sweden to come out of the food crisis. Hence, the potatoes can also be used to make alcohol. So, this is how she worked upon the experiment which became successful.

Ekeblad’s Personal Life

Eva got married at the age of sixteen. She was the mother of six daughters and one son. Eva had many responsibilities upon her to manage like management of three estates. Eva’s spouse was belonged to the Swedish nobility who owned the Stola Manor estate. Eva’s husband died in the 1771 so she retired from the service. Later on his son took responsibilities and got married.

Google Doodle Honor

Google Doodle celebrating Eva’s 293rd birthday today to honor her contribution and work. The discovery was proved helpful for the civilians of the Sweden. They moved up from their cereals traditional food. In 1971, she also found the method of bleaching cotton textile with soap. She also helped to replace the harmful products from the cosmetics.

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