David Packouz Wife, Net Worth, Girlfriend and Efraim Diveroli

Hello, are you thinking to read about David Packouz and know about his life and career, David Packouz is an American man who is known as the former arms dealer and entrepreneur. He loves music and inventing the new things. David was born as David Mordechai Packouz on February 16, 1982. He started his own arms dealer company with his partner Efraim Diveroli. They both set up the business and got number of contracts by the end of the year. The company signed about $300 million contract to the U.S. government for the weapons supply to the army. But the deal violating the terms of AEY’s contract. This led to a review of the contract process and rules. After it, Packouz was put under house arrest for seven months. Packouz stand up again and featured into the drama-comedy film War Dogs in 2016. This gave a new beginning to his career and life. Read on to know David Packouz wife and net worth facts here in this post.

david packouz wife

David Packouz Arms Dealing

David was actually joined the arms company for the Efraim Diveroli named AEY Inc. in 2005. At the time , Efraim was only 19 years old. The compnay was also failed to supply the previous deal of the contracts. The AEY deals were also cancelled due to the late deliveries and poor quality. The company links with the China which violates the comapany rules affected it badly. Diveroli was sent to the four years prison while Packouz was under house arrest for seven months.

David Packouz Wife

David is married and he has one daughter Amabelle Jane who was born in 2007. His wife name and relationship details are not available. The comedy-drama War Dogs which featured David Packouz as Miles Tiller and Efraim Diveroli as Jonah Hill helped them to find a new direction towards success. It is also rumored that many times that David is dating the new girlfriend these days but the facts are yet unconfirmed. He belongs to a Jewish family and born to parents Shoshana and Rabbi Kalman Packouz. He is also having skills as as a Massage Therapist.

How much is David Packouz Net Worth?

David is currently the CEO of Singular Sound company. It is a kinda of music technology company in USA. His exact current net worth is not known but he is making good income through his new job after arms dealing work. He is known for his work on the War Dogs. You can find him on the Instagram where he shared his latest pictures online.

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