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You may be aware of the story of the Cyntoia Brown because there are many people who are putting questions on the judicial system. His case created a lot of sensation on the online media What was the decision that put her behind the bars actually. In this post, we will let you know about the Johnny Allen and Cyntoia Brown case 217. The whole case is of the 2004 incident. At that time, Brown was 16 years old. She eventually killed the Johnny Mitchell Allen with the shot of handgun. She narrated the whole incident story in the court hearings. She met to a stranger on the truck on Murfreesboro Pike. They had food together and Anthony showed her the guns as he said his past serving in the army. Analyzing his actions, she felt something wrong and shot him on the back with handgun. Get know Cyntoia Brown wiki and age facts here in this post.


Cyntoia Brown Wiki

Cyntoia is now 28-years old and spending his life in the prison at the Tennessee for the charges against muder of a female real estate agent. She accepted her crime in the court and also explained the forced prostitution by man. She was not in the state of mind that time to decide whether which action to follow to protect herself. The teenage comprises of anger and stupidity. Many are questioning the court decisions after knowing the whole story. This can affect the childhood and brain development of the person.

The place where she is spending her days is not appropriate. Obviously, the little getting the attention of many prisioners. Tennessee is the place where many committed their mistake at the young ages. They are not transforming into a good human being. What thetywill learn in their life? The poor judgement can destroy the life of the teenagers. The crime which is not intentional should be judged sensitively.

Release Petition

Campaigns have been started for the release of the Cyntoia Brown. They are telling that she in the trouble situation which affecting teenage life badly. She also got trapped into the sex trafficking dealer named Kutthroat at his young age. This is the serious thing which should be taken into the action. Not only the common peoples are taking Cyntoia’s side but also the popular celebrities came forward like singer Rihanna and rapper T.I. They are also talking of the injustice in the public.


The Me Facing Life: Cyntoia’s Story is the documentary which is filmed on his life. It is the story of the 16-years old girl who sentenced to the prison for the charges against killing Johnny Allen. It was premiered on the March, 2011 on PBS’s Independent Lens. The production was done by the Daniel H. Birman. As the result of the documentary, the idea for the new trial emerged. Brown was sentenced to the 51 years to life prison. The decision is now being questioned by the many campaigners and popular celebrities. They filed the petition for the release of the Cyntoia Brown from the Tennessee prison.

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