Connie Chung married

Who is Connie Chung Married To? Her Husband, Age and Net Worth

One of the very familiar American journalist and news anchor Connie Chung. The lady of age 70 years made herself remembered in the field of news. She worked as an anchor and reporter for the television news networks NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and MSNBC. She is also being famous in taking various interviews of famous personality. From her childhood, she had a dream to get name and fame in the field of journalism. And she followed her dream. Know in this post that who is Connie Chung married is her real life and husband information.

Connie Chung married

Early Life and Education

She was the youngest sibling among her five brothers and sisters. She took her first breath on 20th of August 1946. She was grew up in Washington, D.C after her migration from China. Her father was on a very honored post. He was a officer as a professional in the Chinese Nationalist Government. She got educated from Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring , Maryland and hold a degree in journalism from University of Maryland, college park in the year 1969.

Who is Connie Chung Married To?

In 1984, she knotted her life tie with the talk show host Moury Povich. After get married with Povich, she got converted to Judaism religion. As she had a believed, she attended the worship of the Jews people with her family. It had been seen publicly, that she and her husband maintain Kosher lifestyle. But she never get pregnant and at last shad to adopt a child. On June 20th 1995, she adopted a son name as Matthew.

Her Career as a Journalist

After being graduated, she soon got her job in WTTG-TV as a reporter. After working with WTTG for two years, she switched off to CBS News as a correspondent. In that news nation, she took a very big interview of her life first time, an exclusive sit down with President Richard Nixon during the Watergate scandal. She worked with the CBS for about 11 years from the month of 1976 to the year 1983. She lived in Los Angeles and worked as a lead news anchor for the news channel. In 1983, she switched to NBC. In 1989 she had become a very famous journalist in television news. Chung signed a three year contract with the news channel CBS and as a result she hosted a show Face to Face with Connie Chung. In this show she had to take interviews of celebrities. In earlier days, the show was very famous but later on the show was griped with many criticizing questions of media. As a result she had to quit the show by stating that she had to focus on her first child.

In june 1993, she had become the second woman after Barbara Walters to hold one of the main network anchor post. Besides of this, she also introduced a new magazine Eye to Eye contact with Connie Chung. But situations for Chung was not so easy as it was looking, she was in a hot news in the year 1995 when she had a interview with the mother of politician Newt Gingrich, Kathleen Gingrich. She made a statement that her son called the first lady Hillary Clinton “a bitch”. Though Chung said it was clear she was being playful, many viewers felt she had entrapped Gingrich.

Connie Chung Net Worth

The Chinese-American journalist is having the whopping net worth of around $15 Million as she accumulated her worth from popular networks. She is active on the social account where she shared latest tweets and pictures to the fans. She is receiving huge salary for the job because Chung is having huge experience in the field on journalism and anchoring.

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