Chumlee Pawn Stars Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age Height

Through this article we are going through the life of an American actor, businessman and a reality show person Austin lee Rusell who is famous among the people by the name Chumlee. He is also being known as a cast member on the history channel show pawn star. Read about the Chumlee Pawn Stars Net Worth, height and wiki here in this post.

His early life

He came into this world on 8th of september 1982 in united states. When he was just 12 years old, he had been called by a very sweet name chumlee due to his large face and chin. According to one of his friend father he resembled one of the characters of animated tv series tennese tuxedo. He has the strong friendship with corey big hoss harrison whose father and grand father owned a world famous shop name as gold and silver pawn shop.

 His carrer

In his early days he used to work for a world famous shop gold and silver pawn shop which is owned by his friend father and grandfather. He worked behind the shop. His work includes like testing items, loading items and writing tickect for the items purchsaed by customers.

But as seen, he had a keen interest in entertainment field. After giving his five years to the shop, he moved towards the entertainment carrer. His first series is pawn stars which is a reality television show. On the show he is often called as a village idiot for his lack of intelligence and for his incompetence. But to give them a strong answer, he used his knowledge about pinball machines in which he is expert and he utilized it in the second season episode which is cast by the name of pinball wizard. The success is in his feet after the hit of the series. He after the show opened his own company which sale out the novelity items in which he sale out the t-shirts which are designed by him. In year 2010, he sold half the stalk to one of his colleague rick harrison in $155,000. Due to his popularity, most of his show cast members felt surpassed. He along with rick harrison and corey harrison represent himself in the episode i lost my head in vegas on the american tv series icarly. In 2017 he opened another shop with a name of chumlee’s candy.

His personal life

He is a fond of shoes. This can be reveal by the fact that he owns more than 200 pairs. As a man, he also likes sports and videogames too. Punk music and rap music is in histop most list. Board walk empire, sons of anarchy and breaking bad were his favourite series.

A drastic change had been seen in the chumlee in the year 2013, when his lifestyle changed. He lost around 34kg weight in a year with the help of gym as he did the exersice in a gym for 6 days a week. Along with gym, he maintained his diet. He ate healthy food.

He has a girlfriend name tanya hyjazi, chef for a major las vegas casinio.

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