Chris Cornell’s Wife Vicky Karayiannis Age, Wiki and Kids

The world is saddened after the news of the death of popular singer Chris Cornell. The singer of Audioslave and Soundgarden passed away in Detroit. He was with his wife named Vicky Karayiannis in last time. Many fans believe that Cornell’s death is sudden and unexpected. The hospital members are trying to figure out the cause of death after the family’s statement. The privacy is maintained in the investigation. Chris Cornell was 52 years old and died on May 17, 2017. The clear reason behind his death is not yet cleared. He was on the tour in Detroit and suddenly his death news came into the media. He was survived by his wife Vicky Karayiannis. So here are the interesting things about Vicky Karayiannis age and wiki which you want to know online.

Vicky Karayiannis age

Vicky Karayiannis Wiki

There are very less facts known in the media about the Chris Cornell’s wife. Vicky Karayiannis is the wife of the Chris Cornell. She is a Paris-based American publicist and got engaged with the Cornell in 2004. Her age is not confirmed but she looks young and active. She has one son and one daughter with Chris Cornell. The son name is Christopher Nicholas who was born in 2005 and daughter name is Toni who was born in September 2004. This is information about Cornell’s little family. Chris is associated with albums like Carry On, Songbook, Euphoria Morning and Scream. Read on to know some unknown facts of her personal life.

Life and Family

The family members are shocked after the death news of Chris Cornell. He was a true artist and gentleman. He was often known for the unique instrumental vocal style. The album Soundgarden was released in the 2012 which made him a shining star in the music industry. Cornell was married to Susan Silver before coming into the relationship with Vicky. She was the manager for Alice in Chains. It is also revealed that the couple was running the charity and forming Chris & Vicky Cornell Foundation. It works for the sake of the children.

Unknown Facts

In 2006, a former maid Elia Mora tried to sue Chris & Vicky. She claimed that she worked for 43 hours a week and never paid for the overtime. The maid made the various allegations on the Vicky. But later the facts were found untrue and as she did not work full-time. Keep reading here about popular celebrities.

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