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Hey friends, it is the time to have bio knowledge about Anthony McClanahan if you started following him. The Canadian football player was born on April 3, 1971in Bakersfield, California. He came into the media spotlight in rleated to the murder of his wife. The news surfaced in the media and created sensation among football fans. He is suspected and under custody due to the charges of murder his wife. Many saying that his football career is now spoiled. So, here check achievements by him in the football career in last few years. He is 46-years old and palys for Washington State Cougars. His career profile is not so long because he kept from his career at very early age. He started his job at the 1994 Dallas Cowboys training camp. But unfortunately he not got suitable chance to prove his ability. Get know Anthony McClanahan wiki and wife facts here in this post.

Anthony McClanahan Wiki

Anthony McClanahan Wiki

If we look upon McClanahan’s career, then his team won the Grey Cup in 1998. His last contract was signed to the Calgary Stampeders. The former national football player is making the headlines because of murder of his wife Keri KC McClanahan. It is very unfortunate of this happening in a sports player life. He attended the Bakersfield High School for early education and also famous in his school times as the star footballer. Then he got the opportunity to complete his higher degree from the Washington State University.

He became a good player there and achievements some position in the team at high level. He also worked as the private fitness coach to training the young guys. Anthony played for three years in the college team. His professional career took boost with signing to Dallas Cowboys during the early 1990s. He even not played for the NFL game.

Occupation and Life

In his life, he played on the position of linebacker and was the part of the part of the Calgary Stampeders for 4 years. His also ran his own business as the fitness coach and trainer. Hence, we can say that he worked as the private personal exercise trainer. He has some problems with his married life. Anthony was accused of kidnapping the son of ex-wife.This incident resulted him to face the charges on him. He also have complaints of being narcissist from people. Know below about the latest charges and charges on him.

Murder Charges

He is being suspected of killing his wife Keri who was resident in Park City. Few noticed the violence between the couple, according to sources. The investigation is in the progress and final report is yet to arrive. It is eye-witnessed that during violence Anthony cut at different parts of his wife and attacked on the neck. Based on the current evident, Anthony is arrested and taken into custody for further investigation. The news shocked many football fans when they came to know about it. His wife was nice looking as per social account pictures.

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