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Alessandro Narducci was one of the most talented chef’s around the world. He was a chef in Acquolina restaurant. Alessandro recently died in a road accident with one of his fellow friend, in Rome. He was just twenty nine years old and was also the Head of Acquolina restaurant. He had made a successful life for him, by his hard work. His tragic death is a shock. Here just find out the Alessandro Narducci wiki, bio, age and net worth in this post.

alessandro narducci wiki

Early Life and Education

He was born in the year 1989. He then completed his chef studied at AIS (Association of Italian Sommelier). After which he gained his masters from Heinz Beck. He was the one with whom he started his chef career. He began his cooking career with his guidance. He gave Alessandro quite exposure by making him working each season to give him training. He worked with the Troiani brothers in their shop. He learned to be creative and create his own stuff over there. He was quite stiff and serious while learning. Therefore he was chosen to be the sous chef in Dubai. He was a hard working and achieves great heights. He is remembered as a good chef over there.

Professional life and Restaurant

He was a well trained chef at Acquolina restaurant. Also he was the head of the restaurant. He had also worked in various high end hotels of London and United Arab Emirates. His professional life has been very high scale and full of his hard work and also success. That is the reason that he has his own restaurant and he was the head of the same. His hotel is the “First Luxury hotel in Rome”. He was a proud owner of the hotel as well as he was also happy for having the first luxury hotel in Rome, all by himself and his efforts and hard work which he did in his early days.

The Incident

Alessandro was driving a scooter with Giulia Puleio, one of his good friends. He was near Lungotevere Della Vittoria in Rome, when this accident happened and they both were driven off by the scooter after the collision and until 30 meters they were dragged which ultimately came as a result of death for both the highly talented chefs. His very own hotel Acquolina is closed with a notice which quotes the grief of the hotel staff and members by the death of Alessandro. The hotels as well as the rooftop both are closed without any notice of how many days. Instead, until further notice.

The net worth of the Italian Chef Alessandro Narducci is not revealed. He achieved huge name and fame in the field. He was the chef in the top restaurant in Italy. The death of the top chef in an accident is quite shocking and stunning. He was happy in his professional life. His income per year is also not known. He was one of the popular chefs in the world.

This is all about the chef Alessandro Narducci.

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