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Abdul Sattar Edhi is a well known humanitarian, ascetic and philanthropist of Pakistan origin. He is the founder of Edhi foundation. This foundation is famous for its running on homeless people, rehab centre and orphanages, etc. he is popular for his social work across the Pakistan. Just because of his dedicational work in the Edhi foundation, the word Edhi is popularly recognized all over the Pakistan. According to a census, Edhi is considered as the parent of around 20,000 children. Check Abdul Sattar Edhi net worth, wiki, biography, age, religion and nationality.

Abdul Sattar Wiki

He was born in Bantva in Gujarat, British India into a Memon family. He was married with Bilquis Edhi
In the year 1965. Bilquis Edhi was a nurse in Edhi dispensary. His great works are innumerable. Every Pakistani respects him. He was totally devoted towards the poor, helpless and needy people. He was having very little formal education but still his works revealed the fact that humanity does not lies in education or science facts, it lies in the deep heart treasure of a true human being. Nowadays, the centre of Edhi foundation are widespread all over the Pakistani regions. Google honours such a great personality with all his love and affection. To know more bout Abdul sattar Edhi read the following description about him.

 abdul satar edhi net worth

Abdul Sattar Edhi Biography

Name: Abdul Sattar Edhi
Birth year: 1928
Nationality: Pakistani
Mother’s name: Ghurba Edhi
Father’s name: Abdul Shakoor Edhi
Occupation: Social worker
Spouse: Bilquis Edhi
Children: Faisal Edhi, Kutub Edhi, Almas Edhi and Kubra Edhi

Some popular Facts

  • Abdul Sattar Edhi is well known as the Angel of Mercy.
  • He is considered as the Pakistan’s most legendary and respected figure.
  • He is decorated with the awards like-
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Peace Prize(2010), Lenin Peace Prize, Nishan-e-Imtiaz and Wolf of Bhogio Peace Award.
  • He founded the world’s largest volunteer ambulance network. For more information about Abdul Sattar Edhi stay connected with us.


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